The Remnant, a fine Catholic publication has an important article by Christopher A. Ferrara that must be read and distributed far and wide.

Titled, “Next Stage of the Bergoglian Debacle: Gay Church Comes Out”, Ferrara gives a fine summary of the sodomites or the sodomite friendly leaches that have surrounded Jorge Bergoglio and taken up powerful positions in the Church.

Battista. Ricca, James Martin, Thomas J. Rosica, Walter Kasper, Blase Cupich, Kevin Farrell, Timothy Dolan, Joseph Tobin, Robert McElroy, Robert Barron, Francesco Coccopalmerio, Vincezo Paglia and more. Not one of these filthy, disgusting men deserves to be addressed as Father, Excellency, Grace or Eminence. None of these filthy, corrupt and Christ-hating cockroaches deserve to be respected because of their “Office.”

None. No, not one.

These men are either sodomites themselves or they are aiding and abetting the normalisation of sodomy in the Church as it has become in western society.

Each one of these traitors of Our Blessed Lord will burn forever in the deepest pit of Hell. Looking back at them will be all the men whom they sodomised and all those whom they left in the most dreadful sin a man could do to himself and another.

Forever, they will look upon these and they will look back in hatred and horror.

Every. Single. One.

They will not repent.


One thought on “The Sodomite Catholic Church of Bergoglio

  1. I recently read a great comment in the combox of ‘The Remnant’. From a pre WW11 Catholic: ” Hell is not hot enough for some.”


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