The strangest thing is happening in Toronto.

It seems that there is this young woman named Mary Wagner. Mary is a Catholic of some considerable courage, having been arrested numerous times for entering in to abortion clinics to deliver roses to the “clients” and to counsel them not to go through with the procedure. She had done this a few times, gets herself arrested, thrown in jail, comes out, and does it all over again.

The Canadian online publication, LifeSiteNews wrote a story about her current trial taking place in Toronto. It seems that the abortion lobby is in cahoots with the Government of Ontario which attempted through the court to have what is called a “publication ban” placed on the proceedings, including the prohibition of publicizing facts about the case and the identities of the employees and doctors.

The judge refused and LifeSiteNews published the doctor’s name and picture and background.

Her name is Heather Culbert, she is the President of Doctors Without Borders who in her spare time, kills babies in the wombs of their mothers and gets paid quite well for doing so, by the State.

Image result for dr heather culbert

Now, it seems, that another court has overruled the first judge and imposed a publication ban on the proceedings forcing LifeSiteNews to take down its article. Not only that, but they put a publication ban on the publication ban.

What is going on in Ontario that free speech and a free press is so  under attack?

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